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💰 Currency

Earn currency by gambling, begging, or getting it for free,
and try to become the richest user in the WORLD!
(In the world of Hoppi)

🎉 Fun

Use funny commands, play games, get cool random pictures,
or just waste your time using Hoppi's
vast category of fun commands!

📷 Photoshop

Edit images easily by either mentioning a user to use their profile pic,
or provide a link and Hoppi will use that image,
then use a specific method and you're done!

Hoppi only supports the following image formats for links:
png, jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff

Also keep in mind that Hoppi cannot use screenshots,
the image must be hosted online.

🤣 Memes

Create memes using Hoppi's meme creator feature!
Specify the template (see templates by using ;meme templates),
and then your texts separated by two dashes!

You can also use the simple ;meme to get a random meme from Reddit!

🔎 Internet Searches

Search websites such as Reddit, Google Images,
the Urban Dictionary, Giphy, Wikipedia, and many more
for images, definitions, and gifs!

👮 Server Management

Hoppi makes server management easier for you with commands
such as purge, snipe, editsnipe,
and logging events that occur in your server!

📚 Info Commands

View another user's or your info by using Hoppi's userinfo command!
Hoppi also has commands that display your server's info,
such as bans, roles, role permissions, and much more!

And that's just the beginning!

These features are only a few out of many. Hoppi has tons more commands,
but you'll have to invite the bot to your server to test them all!


Gamerz is a gaming server for all games, and we are a partner of Hoppi!
We welcome players from all games, new, popular or undiscovered.

📖 Feedback

Report bugs or give suggestions here!
Click the type of message you are sending and enter some details, then click submit!


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